About Us

Healthy Wealthy Wellspring was started by a tribal leader and his queen, trying to make sense of a World promising great adventure and outdoor products only to be let down by the bad quality, bad service (and generally bad everything) when purchasing little gifts, useful stuff and so forth.


So these two decided to get their hands dirty really focus on sourcing good quality suppliers and bit by bit as more and more of their family and friends and loved ones commented about where they would find such useful (and at times quirky) things they decided to open Healthy Wealthy Wellspring. To be a store that springs eternal and promotes the healthy wealthy life, assisted by the day to day necessities. 

We also want to be a fun and adventurous, outdoor, sport and recreation specialty store - seeking like-minded people, everywhere. We are committed to providing quality adventure outdoor gear for every level of beginner to the avid or even professional athlete, with a wide range of products from fun, useful and practical stuff to apparel, accessories, nutrition, shoes/footwear and books. You don't want to just live the active, healthy and wealthy lifestyle. You want to BE the lifestyle!

We too hope you can find the perfect items for your needs here, check back often for promos, (some, practically 'giveaways') and much more!

Dan & Laura
Tribe Leaders for HWW